PRUS-W16V portable black and white vet ultrasound machine price
Description:PC Control Platform based on WINDOWS system For clinical diagnosis of horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs and other animals
PRUS-WK10 Trolly Full Digital Ultrasound Machine & Color doppler Ultrasound Scanner
Description:15 inch high resolution medical LED monitor Ergonomic operation interface,180℃ adjustable rotable keyboard Built-in international standard keyboard
PRSP-Z6000 2016 Hot Sale Portable Dual-channel electric injection/syringe pump with voice alarm Clinic Device-CE
Description:Double chips ensure safety infusion Produce strictly according to EMC Built-in battery runs as long as 10 hours Match for all syringe brands
PPM-S800 Ce Approved Medical Multiparameter Portable Patient Monitor
Description:Main Features: *Display: 8.4 inch color TFT screen, high resolution *5 standard parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP; *Multi-display selectable including standard, large font, trend coexis, OxyCRG dynamic; *On-line help and patient info input management; *Separated parameter board, more stable and accuracy data; *Multi-lead ECG waveforms display in phase. And capture dynamic waveforms; *Large volume of tabular and graphic trends information storage and easy to recall; *Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF knife; *Up to 4 hours working capacity of built-in rechargeable battery; *Networking capacity and TCP/IP networking platform; *Optional: Touch Screen, Recorder, FHR, FM, TOCO, EtCO2, IBP
PPM-CT92 Plus 15'' Portable Patient Monitor with Touch Screen
Description:This equipment is a portable monitor with touch screen, which can monitor such parameters as ECG,RESP,NIBP,SPO2 and Dual-channel TMEP. It integrates parameter measurement module, display and recorder in one device to form a compact and portable equipment. At the same time, its built-in replaceable battery provides convenience for patient moving, which is applicable for monitoring adult pediatric and neonate.
PPO-Y20C Cheap Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Oximeter SPO2 Sensor
Description:Parameter: SPO2,PR,ETCO2 alarm limit can be set Automatic power-off Suitable for adult, pediatric, infant and neonate patients
PPO-Y20B Wired Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Temperature for Adult, Pediatric&Neonate
Description:Parameter: PR,SPO2, TEMP Audio and visual alarm 7 continuous working hours
Medical Device PRSP-A5000 Cheap Price of Portable Electric Syringe Pump
Description:display:4.3 inch color lcd Safe Class: Class I Type BF injection modes: Volume/Time/Body weight mode alarm:Visible and audible alarms certificate:ce approved
PPO-Y20A Compact Cheap Handheld Infant Pulse Oximeter with SPO2 and PR
Description:Parameter: SPO2, PR Suitable for adult, pediatric, infant and neonate patients Automatic power-off
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