PPM-S800 Ce Approved Medical Multiparameter Portable Patient Monitor
Description:Main Features: *Display: 8.4 inch color TFT screen, high resolution *5 standard parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP; *Multi-display selectable including standard, large font, trend coexis, OxyCRG dynamic; *On-line help and patient info input management; *Separated parameter board, more stable and accuracy data; *Multi-lead ECG waveforms display in phase. And capture dynamic waveforms; *Large volume of tabular and graphic trends information storage and easy to recall; *Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF knife; *Up to 4 hours working capacity of built-in rechargeable battery; *Networking capacity and TCP/IP networking platform; *Optional: Touch Screen, Recorder, FHR, FM, TOCO, EtCO2, IBP
PPM-CT92 Plus 15'' Portable Patient Monitor with Touch Screen
Description:This equipment is a portable monitor with touch screen, which can monitor such parameters as ECG,RESP,NIBP,SPO2 and Dual-channel TMEP. It integrates parameter measurement module, display and recorder in one device to form a compact and portable equipment. At the same time, its built-in replaceable battery provides convenience for patient moving, which is applicable for monitoring adult pediatric and neonate.
PPM-CT7000 12.1'' Medical Multiparameter Cheap Portable Patient Monitor Price
Description:Main Features: *12.1'' TFT color LCD, 15-language interface. *With standard interface, oxygen graph, trend chart, big character interface and view bed, convenient to operate. *Powerful functions for parameter waveform, trend storage and review. *Sync display of 7-lead ECG. *Achieve data storage and software updating by USB interface. *Calculation of drug concentration. *Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery, AC/DC, achieves uninterrupted monitoring. *Connect to Central Monitoring System by 3G, WI-FI or wired mode. *Be applicable for adult, pediatric and neonate for all-around monitoring. *Standard parameters: 5-lead ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, dual-channel TEMP, dual-channel IBP interface(only for CSM8000), ETCO2 interface(only for CSM8000). *Optional functions: IBP, ETCO2, 12-lead ECG, built-in thermal printer, VGA output, moving bracket and hanging bracket.
PPM-CT6800 CE Approved Tabletop Vital Sign Patient Monitor Device
Description:Main Features: * 8'' color LCD, 15-language interface. * Operation mode: keys and knobs. * Calculation of drug concentration. * Alarm item: technical alarm, 71 physiological alarms and 60 arrhythmia alarms. * Connect to Central Monitoring System by 3G, WI-FI or wired mode. * Review mode: trend chart and trend table. * SD card review: review of trend data and 72-hour ECG waveform. * Built-in rechargeable battery achieves uninterrupted monitoring. * Record for ECG, SpO2, RSEP, BP and TEMP data. * Anti-high frequency surgical unit, defibrillation-proof(special leads are necessary) * Standard parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, dual-channel TEMP. * Optional functions: moving bracket, hanging bracket and portable printer.
PPM-CT6000V 8 Inch Hot-sale Portable Veterinary Patient Monitor
Description:Main Features: 1.Display mode: High-resolution 8'' color LCD 2.Many display modes are optional. 3.Waveform and data color can be collocated optionally. 4.Storage for 480h trend data, and review for 34s holographic waveform. 5.Support built-in printer. 6.Digital SpO2 technology, strong in anti-interference and weak-filling capacity. 7.Review for NIBP measurement, store up to 2400-group data. 8.Networking function: connect Central Monitoring Station or Other bed observation. 9.Network mode: wireless and wired. 10.Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, continuous working mode. 11.Animal type: cat(small animal), dog(medium animal), others(big animal). 12.Adjust alarm range automatically according to animal type.
PPM-CT6000 Portable Multiparameter Patient Monitor Price with printer
Description:Features: 1.8’’ color LCD, sync display of 7-lead ECG, multi-language interface. 2.Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, AC/DC, achieves uninterrupted monitoring. 3.Review of 480 hours trend data, 34-second holographic waveform and 2400 groups of NIBP data. 4.Adopt digital SpO2 technology, strong in anti-interference and anti-weak filling capability. 5.Analysis of arrhythmia, pacemaker and S-T segment. 6.Anti-high frequency surgical unit, defibrillation-proof(special leads are necessary). 7.Standard parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, dual-channel TEMP. 8.Optional functions: IBP, ETCO2, built-in thermal printer.
Hot! PPM-K6601D Handheld Multiparameter Ambulance Patient Monitor Device
Description:Hot! PPM-K6601D Handheld Multiparameter Ambulance Patient Monitor Device
PPM-K6601A Ambulance Portable Cheap Price Patient Monitor
Description:7inch Ambulance Patient Monitor with the most competitive price
Vet Multiparameter Etco2 Patient Monitor PPM-CM2 Veterinary Patient Monitor Price
Description:VET Patient Monitor 1. 7''TFT color screen 2. Multi-language available 3. 6 display interfaces
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